The Mistake Most Architects Make in Describing Themselves

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So many architects fail to convert their traffic to paying clients because of how they write their About us page. You would notice that architects tend to mimic other architects in terms of writing their About us page or their business description. For instance, three different architects from different part of the world who I believe have never met but have an almost identical description.

Note: In the case of this example I am taking off the names of the architects and paraphrased it so as to not point finger at anyone.

Architect description #1

[Practice name] is an award winning, inter-disciplinary architecture & design business, experienced in a wide range of built environment skills practiced throughout [country name].

Architect description #2

We are a multi-disciplinary practice known for our highly skilled designers, collaborative process, responsive style and inclusive culture. Our team includes architects, urban designers, planners, interior designers and landscape architects.

Architect description #3

[Practice name] is an award winning architectural practice with a portfolio of beautiful buildings which meet client expectations and represent value for money. Our highly skilled team bring years of experience to the table and to ensure the highest quality projects.

Who would you choose?

Which one would you choose reading from these three architects?
Can you tell one from the other?
I agree that you are not going to select an architect just by going through the about us page, but I think that if you are a prospective client browsing through several architect’s sites, then these About us pages are almost indistinguishable.
Let me break it down a little bit. Sentences like this “we have a wide range of built environment skills” to me conveys little or no information. It is not specific enough. Prospects need to know if those wide range of skills are cost control, BIM or community group consultations.

If after an architect lists these types of things and then goes the extra mile to explain the importance of these things to a prospect’s project then the About us page starts to stand out from another architect’s description. You would agree with me that in life generally or on the internet, it is not about being the best, being different and honest to yourself is extremely valuable. It pays off to be unique as an architect, so stop cloning your practice after every other practice. Come out of that shell and explain to the world what exactly it is that you do, and your reason for doing it that way.
obeying this simple guide creates a unique positioning statement for your brand.

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