How To Keep Your Blog Running With Content

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Until now, people never really saw blog writing as a big deal. Also known as weblog, Blog writing entails putting down tidbits about yourself or others, putting it on an online (a blog) for reactions from people. It is a form of online diary where others are able to view your musings from time to time, where they can place ads and voice their opinions on your posts.

Why you should Nurture your Blog with SEO

The importance of carefully building a long lasting digital empire cannot be understated. Just like any other building with a good foundation, when done with patience and carefulness, it will withstand all and any form of obstacles thrown at it. The kind of energy involved in setting up an intricate pattern of dominoes, is the kind of energy required in building your blogging empire. You will agree with me that failure to exercise this patience can send your game back to where you started from.

The SEO; simply regarded as “Search Engine Optimization, is simply a way you generate traffic for your blog. Sharing your thoughts with people is awesome, but in as much as this is vital to your business, generating the continuous flow of ideas and keeping the traffic is even more essential, they should never be without each other.

Now, in as much as you would want to continue running your blog yourself; writing and doing everything by yourself, sometimes, the workload could get a little too demanding for one person, you might not be able to cover everything you wish to share, or you could even run out of ideas.

So, here are a few things to do to keep your blog up, running, and traffic-steady:


We humans are really nothing but “flesh, mind, and bones”, and the task of keeping up with this business or that business might appear to be too much for us at some point, and in the case of Blogging; where you “need” to keep your blog running and productive, you might wanna do all you can to keep your readers interested, entertained, and hooked all the time. On the flip side, to keep readers engaged at all times could be a hefty task, as you may get too busy with other daily needs and jobs, or you may not be entirely into writing, you may not be gifted in writing, or you might just be one of the numerous lazy writers out there.

In cases as such, all you need do is “Hire a Content writer”, because with one running your blog, you have absolutely no cause to worry because our writers thoroughly research the topics you want from them, and come up with unique articles, blog posts, research papers, landing pages, social media posts, perfect captions for posts that need captions, and much more.


This picks up from and relates to the point stated above. Yes; writing may be a little too much to handle if you’re not cut out for it, or you’re lazy with the art, but while stacking up your dominoes, you do not want to use your destroy your delicate work due to your negligence of details.

Once the workload gets too much for your shoulders to carry, please do well to hire a Content writer that can keep your dominoes stacked tall.

Here’s what to expect to find in our Content Marketing Services, to help nurture your blog with the SEO correctly:


Amongst the 200 Google Ranking Factors out there, the QDF(Query Deserves Freshness factor), is one of the underlying reasons why your slow pace of churning out content can be negatively affecting your blog. With the QDF, more focus is given to recent contents, or whatever is trending at the time; Search engines will interpret more recent updates as having more relevant, even if the post with similar content(s) was published months back. Hence, the importance of putting out at least a couple of blog posts each month.


GOOGLE processes over forty thousand (40,000) search queries per second, and to sum that up, that is exactly 3.5 billion searches a day, and 1.2 trillion searches in a year. Buzzwords are steady getting dumped into GOOGLE and other Search engines every single second, so, if you don’t do well to choose the most appropriate keywords for your blog post, you are doing your blog a disservice.

About fixing that, here are some vital guidelines for proper keyword usage:

* Focus on the vocabulary customers or a specific demographic set are likely to use; intentionally repeat that several times throughout the content; but you must make sure that it is incorporated naturally into the content.

* Use long-tail keywords.

* Make sure the keywords show up in your titles, headings, subheadings, image alt texts, URLs, meta tags, descriptions, etc.


Do note that a larger blog with multiple pages does not automatically result in a higher ranking on GOOGLE. However, when you run a blog on a site, the numbers of pages you have increased, as you expand on material and continuously update your content. Every new page has the same amount of opportunity as the last one does; to utilize keywords, engage visitors, establish a rank, and establish authority through effective backlinks. A good goal to have for each is page is to get the rank of the newest post higher than that of the last post.


Research has shown that humans naturally have short attention span, so you may be of the thought that short “Clickbait” blogspot, jam-packed with keywords, would be the perfect way to go, but in truth, Google and its competitors actually prefer intelligently thought out, well-written articles, and blog posts, over minimal content.

A study done by SerpIQ found that 10th position and higher pages have 400 fewer words than 1st and 2nd position pages. But not many people want to read a novel either, especially when searching for specific information. So where do you strike the happy medium; the balance? You use Headers, formatting system, and short, information-rich paragraphs with suitable keywords.

Topics that do not require a lot of research can be as low as 500 words.

To wrap up, SEO and blogging are the Romeo and Juliet of the Internet data world, as one cannot exist without the other; and if you try to ignore SEO, you are poisoning the progress of your blog and business. If you cannot find the time to improve your SEO or write quality content, Accurate Pen has the services to help you carry the weight, so you can concentrate on other important tasks at hand.

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